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Aaron Gould

Head of Sustainability

Aaron Gould has over 20 years of international experience in design and construction, with a focus on health and durability. After guiding climbing, whitewater, and mountaineering, while gaining proficiency as a carpenter/tradesman, he went on to found and lead design, construction, and consulting businesses. He is currently enjoying his 11th year with VaproShield, of Gig Harbor, WA, heading up Sustainability globally. Examples from his project CV, include experience on: mass timber, hospitals, hotels, high rises, mixed use, net zero developments, government facilities, art museums, historic restorations, schools/universities, and the occasional tree house. Recent speaking engagements include: University of Miami Schoolf of Architecture, Auburn University CLT Symposium, RDH’s New England Mass Timber Symposium, and the International Mass Timber Conference. He lives and plays outside of Chattanooga, TN, with his wife and children. Aaron’s professional focus centers on fostering a spirit of collaboration with amazing people to achieve resilient, regenerative buildings. "If a building leaks, it is not sustainable." Aaron is a member of the following organizations and institutions:
Clemson University's WU+D, midfulMaterials, WMF, IIBEC, NIBS/BEC, ABAA, RAiNA, TVOS, Young Farmers, Build ReUse, and Green|Spaces.

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