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Adam Jongeward


Adam Jongeward has been a leader of mass timber development in the Pacific Northwest from its onset, before CLT was popular, to the first Type IV-C, to Type IV-A. With over a decade of experience, Adam’s multimodal approach to gravity and lateral design allows him to create unique, elegant solutions for innovative projects. While he distinguishes himself through his expertise in mass timber construction, Adam possesses impressive range in materials from concrete to cold-formed steel. His focuses include team communication and cohesion with a goal to anticipate partner needs for a smooth design and construction process.

Adam represents DCI on the Research on Engineering, Architecture, and Construction of Timber Structures (REACTS), which is a group of industry professionals advising the Tallwood Design Institute (TDI) on where research would be most applicable to real projects.

Adamis one of the leads for the point-supported mass timber panels (CLT and MPP) project through REACTS. Adam’s projects tell a story of innovative mass timber use, and of creative solutions that highlight the beauty in what exists and what could be, regardless of material, scale, or budget.

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