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Michaela Harms

Senior Director of Mass Timber

Michaela is a systems-thinker passionate about sustainability with an array of research and development experience across the wood construction supply chain. By incorporating sophisticated engineering models and standards-compliance alongside strategic management, she works to accelerate international innovation in diverse and emerging markets. Her positions sit at the unique crux of manufacturing efficiencies, engineering management and business development to drive solutions and leadership in the building products sector.

Michaela specializes in business development, strategy, standards compliance and engineering within the forest products and sustainable construction sectors. Her prior experience includes leading the R&D/Strategy department for a structural round timber manufacturer, serving as the engineered wood products and sustainable forestry expert for an international certification body and managing algorithm development for construction sustainability software. Her work has been published in Structures Magazine and in 2021 presented to Wisconsin State Government officials making the case for mass timber building code updates to support Wisconsin’s woodland economies. Michaela holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering focused on Sustainable Building from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland.

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