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Trent Debth

VP of Operations & Founder

Meet Trent, the friendly guy who swapped Iowa cornfields for the big skies of Texas and quickly found a love for the fascinating world of mass timber.

When it comes to mass timber, Trent isn’t just installing it; he loves making connections and building relationships in the industry. From sustainable forestry practices to cutting-edge construction techniques, he’s got his finger on the pulse of all things mass timber. If you’re looking for someone well-connected and in the know, Trent is your go-to guy.

Mass timber really is on his mind at all times. When he’s not in the field for an install or collaborating with engineers on the next project, you’ll likely find him partnering with local schools to share experiences and insights to inspire the next generation of construction professionals.

For Trent, every board tells a story, every connection is a new adventure, and the possibilities are endless in the mass timber industry.

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