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August 1-2, 2024 | Denver Art Museum | Denver, CO

Learn to build sustainable, profitable and premium residential buildings with Mass Timber. 

400 AEC Professionals
& Mass Timber Experts

Registration Opens - Jan 1
only to people on the Waitlist

They're coming, are you?

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Internationally Renowned Keynote Speakers

Tye Farrow

Founding Principal | Author

Farrow Partners Logo
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Tye Farrow is the senior partner at Farrow Partners Architecture and is an internationally renowned expert on the intersection of architecture and health. Harvard educated, with a Masters of Neuroscience in Applied Architecture, and over $3 Billion dollars’ worth of mind-blowing projects under his belt – it’s easy to see why. He recently published his new book Constructing Health: How the Built Environment Enhances Your Mind’s Health.

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Dr. Greg Kingsley

President | CEO

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Greg Kingsley is the Founder & CEO of KL&A Engineers & Builders - a leader in carbon-focused building and Mass Timber. Greg moved to Colorado from the east coast back in 1978 to attend CU Boulder where, in graduate school, he met his great friend and now long-time business partner Brant Lahnert. After school, Greg got deeply involved in earthquake engineering research focused on masonry buildings, both historic and new, ultimately taking that interest back to school in at UC San Diego where he earned a PhD, and then to the University of Pavia, Italy. He was headed for a career in academia, or at least in research, when he returned to Boulder and reconnected with his old friend Brant who convinced him to join him in his newly formed business. He hasn’t turned back since. Since that fateful career jump, Greg has long enjoyed collaborating on challenging architectural projects with innovative structural systems in a variety of materials. Greg became CEO of KL&A in 2003. His current passion is for innovative wood structures (like the Aspen Art Museum with Shigeru Ban Architects), and in the rapidly growing field of mass timber construction, which he considers our best hope for marrying carbon sequestration with environmental responsibility. Greg is a sought after international speaker on the topics of engineering, operational carbon and mass timber.

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Steve Marshall

Founder | President

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Steve has been a pioneer in the North American Mass Timber Movement. He capped his nearly 42-year career with the U.S. Forest Service by founding the Wood Innovations Program in 2013 and leading that program through 2019. Following his federal role, Steve spent a little over a year with SmartLam a manufacturer of cross laminated timber before establishing Mass Timber Strategy. During his decades with the Forest Service, Steve held a wide number of positions including playing leadership roles in two separate Presidential Initiatives. One of those delivered $1.2 billion in economic recovery efforts in the Pacific Northwest and the other dealt with long-term protection of 50 million acres of roadless areas across the U.S. Other highlights include development of a highly successful leadership development program for the Agency, a Congressional Fellowship, outreach to under-served communities, and strengthening the Agency’s Urban & Committee Forestry program. This work took him to all 50 states and 8 countries. Steve initiated the Forest Service’s concentrated focus on Mass Timber beginning in August of 2013. One of his first actions was media outreach so that when the work became visible there would already be an understanding in key media regarding the merits of Mass Timber. During this period he worked quite closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture which oversees the Forest Service to gain a high level of support for the work. Among other things, this led to the 2014 White House Rural Council workshop “Building with Wood: Jobs and the Environment". It was at that workshop that the U.S. Tall Wood Building Competition was announced which Steve had played an instrumental role in creating. Under Steve’s leadership, Wood Innovations provided tens of millions of dollars to support the development on a U.S. mass timber sector. Investments covered a wide range of activities from planning some of the initial buildings, funding needed materials testing, support to the first generation of production facilities, and extensive training for architects, engineers, and developers. Broad investments included WoodWorks, the Timber City Exhibition at the National Building Museum, and the initial Mass Timber Conference held in Portland Oregon which continues to this day. Perhaps the greatest recognition for Wood Innovations was when it was incorporated into the 2018 Farm Bill giving it elevated standing as federal program. The program has been fortunate in enjoying strong bi-partisan support. Today Steve works with a wide array of partners working to strengthen the Mass Timber sector and help link sustainable building construction with sustainable forest management.

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Taylor Cabot

Preconstruction Manager

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Taylor Cabot is a Preconstruction Manager with Timberlab. She trained as an architect and transitioned into construction when a mission to build community-minded and resilient structures led her to embrace mass timber. After joining the timber movement in 2014, she quickly became involved in the some of the most innovative and boundary pushing mass timber projects in North America. Most notably, her work on Carbon12 in Portland, Oregon garnered her a Women of Vision award. With Swinerton and now, Timberlab, Cabot has continued to push the mass timber envelope managing Ascent, the tallest hybrid timber structure in the world and recently topping out on the first Type VI-C project in the US.

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A sneak peek at what's coming...

It's the
Mass Timber

Learn everything you could possibly want to know about Mass Timber and how YOU can use it in your projects.

  • Handpicked speakers. They're dedicated to your success & they know their stuff.

  • Peer to peer masterminds. Learn from others & condense years of trial and error into hours.

  • You don't even have to take notes. We've got you covered with our resource guides and directories. 

These Free Resources Included...

Speaker, Partner
& Attendee



Access Ongoing
Workshops &


Government & Industry Expert
Resource List

Answer questions like...

How to Put Together a Mass Timber Team

How to quickly bring your design/build team up to speed on Mass Timber.

How to pick the right Mass Timber team members for your project.

How to work with the best experts so you don't make any mistakes. 

How to Get Started With Mass Timber

Learn what you can and cannot do with Mass Timber.

Who can help you throughout the process and when.

How to understand the costs associated with Mass Timber.

How to Know if Mass Timber is Right For You

How Mass Timber can be used in every size and style of project.

What are the biggest advantages of building with Mass Timber?

What applications are Mass Timber "no-brainers?"

Ultimate Mass Timber Residential Building Crash Course

Learn how to use Mass Timber in any residential project, dive deep into real world projects, and get the resources to train your entire team in a single day.
Methods &
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Due Diligence
Process &
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Guides &
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Real-World Case
Studies & Team
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The Only
Mass Timber Mastermind

Get the most up-to-date information directly from real-world practitioners.
Explore ANY topic. This event will be packed with expertise. 

Small Multi-Family 

Learn how Mass Timber lends speed, efficiency, and premium demand to small multi-family development. Dive deep into real world case studies using these exact methods and see the costs, timelines, and processes used.

Large Multi-Family 

Its fast, lightweight, and commands a market premium. Mass Timber really stretches its legs in larger projects. Dive deep into real world case studies using these exact methods and see the costs, timelines, and processes used.


Checklists & Guides 

Easy to use checklists, guides and resource documents to help you build your Mass Timber project.

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Mass Timber Building Tours

See Mass Timber in action, be inspired, and meet the teams behind the builds.
Reserved for the First 98 Registrants Only.

Pretty sweet,right?

Matthew Beecher.jpg

Matthew Beecher


"It was an awesome event and I look forward to attending for years to come."

Colin Bolling.jpg

Colin Bolling

VP Sales


"Thanks for organizing the event. I had a

great time

and learned

a ton."

Harriet Ingham.jpg

Harriet Ingham

VP Major Projects

Holmes Solutions

"It was a great event!

Will definitely

be back next


Christopher Hamm.jpg

Christopher Hamm PE

VP Building Systems & Eng.

Timber Age Systems, Inc.

"The connections we made and the exposure will

be invaluable to us."

Lee Scott.jpg

Lee Scott
P. Eng, MBA

Manager | Sales & Biz Dev.

Element5 Co.

"I'm very glad I made the trip. It was well worth it. Thanks again for hosting!"

Alan Tonissen.jpg

Alan Tonissen

Principal | Structural Engineer

Morrish Design

"That was a wonderful event - very informative and inspiring. I look forward to attending again."


Opening Night
Check-In &

Private Dinner & Exclusive Venue

All Expenses Paid ($200 Value).

Bar Interior
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Free Admission with the
All-Access Pass!

($399 Value)

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Mass Timber Networking.png
Mass Timber Party.png

3 Mass Timber 


The quickest, easiest, most enjoyable way to meet leaders & peers in the
Mass Timber Movement.

  • The best in the business will be here, and they want to meet you. 

  • Skip the sales process and meet directly with Mass Timber experts.

  • Easily find, vet, and genuinely connect with your Mass Timber team.

Day 0

6:00 PM: Limited-Entry Networking Kickoff

Day 1
8:00 AM: Key Note Speakers
10:00 A
M: Mastermind Breakout
12:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM: Workshops

5:00 PM: Mass Timber Mentor Mixer

Day 2
8:00 AM: Building Tours
12:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM: Mass Timber Mastermind
5:00 PM: Event Closing
7:00 PM:
Summit Closing Party

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Limited Tickets Available

Registration Opens January 1st
only to people on the Waitlist.

Another Bonus...
Save $1,000's On Your Next Project 

Exclusive deals just for you. 

Sweet discounts for attendees on...



Architect Fees






and more.

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